Interested in Mafia Wars the Online Game?

The current craze of Mafia Wars game found in most social networking sites and also the iphone has revolutionized the community members into playing the game with fervor. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tagged, MySpace come with a user friendly interface so playing this game online within your contact group can be done by clicking the mouse on the various options. Here’s a take on how it goes.

Building the Mafia Empire

The underlying objective of the game is to become a Mafia don of the empire. This is easier said than done. Firstly the crew members have to be a minimum of 500+. Getting this done is quite difficult and the best way would be to make use of contact groups found in social networking sites. The players are made to indulge in crime and extortion to gain wealth and power.

Types of Characters and Stats

Various tasks are to be executed for reaching the pinnacle. The game involves 3 types of player characters namely Mogul, Maniac and Fearless. Mogul excels in generating money and wealth while Maniac has the capability to accomplish the given tasks such as robbing very fast and get refilled with energy once again. Fearless on the other hand is able to fight well and also get back health stat quickly. Apart from character there the stats such as cash, health, energy and stamina. Cash is important. The property tab of the game gives out pay every hour after appropriate deduction and additions. Players normally keep cash reserve in bank deposits when they go for attacks. Health stat is important to maintain because each time the player goes to fight, any hits he receives can affect health and healing. Energy and stamina are essential for attacks on rivals.

Gradual Process to Mafia Wars Supremacy

Beginners to the game of mafia wars game start off by doing errands that help them to get money. The money earned should be invested wisely to get proper returns that build cash reserves. Do not keep money with you and instead deposit it safely in a bank to avoid any loss if opponents rob it. Next on the agenda is equipping oneself and members with adequate weaponry taken from weapon list. This helps in protection of self and group members if attacked by rivals. As the player goes on moving up, he is rewarded with godfather points that help in leveling the required stats in a prudent manner. Once the player has the adequate stamina and health, weapons and cash, he can proceed for attacking rival mafia camps and thus achieve the objective of ruling the mafia network.

Plenty of guidance and strategies are found in mafia wars online game sites via the Internet. Beginners as well as experienced hands may browse through the same for latest updates on the exciting Mafia Wars World [http://mafiawarscheatsguide.info] and its nefarious activities.

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